A trunk-based version control strategy

Version Control

In software development, keeping track of your code — additions, deletions, changes — is crucially important. We call this versioning. I have noticed three significant eras of versioning in the 15 years that I’ve been developing software.

The first was called Git Flow, it was all about careful progression through…

Virtual Reality is amazing.

Virtual Reality transports us to new worlds. It gives us impossible freedoms of experience. It is — unequivocally — one of the greatest creative endeavours of our age.

So let’s quickly run through what can we actually do in these virtual worlds and have a quick stab at understanding what…

The Future of Mainstream Genomics

I visited the future. Ten years from now, the software that owns the market looks like this.

It is 2027 and a Question & Answer based genomics app for the casual user is fully mainstream. Users add their DNA samples and pay to get straightforward Answers. The creators of the app started with a simple premise:

Know what’d be cool? A service offering simple answers to simple…

Dom Vinyard

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